About Creative Kinections

Video of Brooke's work using Drama Therapy with an autistic child. 


Creative arts and drama therapy techniques benefit children, adults, teens, and families to promote the expression of feelings, problem solving, communicating truths, and achieving goals.

Personalized trainings and workshops are provided for organizations, schools, companies, hospitals, and businesses.  Trainings are tailored to meet the needs of your setting and address specific challenges

Drama and Creative Arts Therapy techniques include: role-playing, story-telling, mask-making, psychodrama, improvisation, puppetry, video-use, metaphors, fairy tales, movement, dramatic enactment, movement, visualizations, and performance.  

Creative Kinections specializes in working with: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Trauma, Domestic Violence, Women's Issues, Mothers, Adults struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Health Challenges, Children, Individuals with Eating Disorders, Elderly, Individuals Suffering Chronic Pain, Medical Conditions, Adults who Feel Blocked Creatively, and Creative Professionals / Entrepreneurs.

Click here to —>Watch this video of Brooke being interviewed by coach Lana McMurray.

Click here to —>Listen to Brooke's podcast about her 9 step approach to reach success.

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