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Brooke Campbell

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We are living in a state of peril.  We see it all around us.  Homelessness surrounds us, job loss has increased at rapid rates, violence has escalated, and those that have jobs cling to them sometimes over their family members.  Where does this leave us?  How can we possibly envision our future when our current state seems so bleak?  Society hungers for a change.  We as a country have remained stagnant.  With change comes tremendous growth.  Individually and collectively we must be open to change and work against our old ways of operating, behaving, thinking and communicating in order to support our development.  Creativity and dramatic arts embody the essence of flexibility, adaptability, innovation, and the act of transformation. 

Think for a moment about some of our great leaders: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart, and Shakespeare to name a few.  These courageous individuals were visionaries and because his or her own personal development was actualized they inspired change on a collective level.  The same qualities found in the aforementioned leaders are the same traits that are activated during a creative process or when an actor takes the stage.  Creative and dramatic art techniques teach one to be fearless, take risks regardless of the end result, and reflect what is deeply needed in society by rising above one's isolated feeling of fear.  

Take my hand as we embark on a journey of change and profound growth.  It is our time to shine and be the leaders within our families, neighborhoods, communities, work places, places of worship, within the academia world and beyond.  Let us carry with us Einstein's message of innovation: "Imagination is more important than knowledge.”