Creative  Expression  For  Personal  Growth  and  Professional  Development 

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Creative approaches can benefit children, adults, teens, and families to promote the expression of feelings, problem solving, communicating truths, and achieving goals.

You are a fabulous woman. Thank you for sharing your gift.”- Adult Female



Brooke was selected as "NJ's Favorite Kids' Doc” in the field of psychotherapy for a fourth year in a row (2013 -2017) from NJ Family magazine voted by the families she serves.

Creative Kinections supports individuals through every age and stage:

Children (3 - 12 years old)Play Therapy, Drama Therapy, and Creative Arts Therapy used to aid in the expression of feelings, communicating needs, and addressing challenging behaviors.

Specializing in *Autism Spectrum Disorders, *Behavioral Challenges, *Anxiety, *Depression, *ADD/ADHD, *Trauma, and Special Needs.

Adolescents- Creative Arts Therapy and Drama Therapy used to strengthen identities, build confidence levels, and develop assertiveness.  

Specializing in *Addiction, *Depression, *Anxiety, *Trauma, Autism, Special Needs, and *Dating Violence.

Women- Verbal and Creative Arts Therapy used to reach goals, solve life-problems, and alleviate stress. 

Specializing in *Motherhood Challenges, *Trauma, *Anxiety, *Depression, *Effects of Divorce, *Clarifying Identities, *Professional Development, *Leadership, and Navigating Life Changes.

Couples-Verbal, Drama, and Creative Arts Therapy used to promote effective communication, strengthen connections, and resolve challenges.

Families / Parents: Verbal, Play, Drama, and Creative Arts Therapy used to promote cohesion, interaction, and address challenges. 

Professionals and Students- Verbal and Creative Arts Therapy for leadership building, obtaining professional growth, creating business plans, mapping out futures, clarifying one’s vision, mentorship, and supervision toward licensure in creative arts therapy and drama therapy credentialing. 

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"Who you are is Soul-Giving Gifted Brilliance!!!! I'm really Touched. You help people give their souls back to themselves.”-Adult Male

"Brooke, your professional development workshop was amazing and I wish I had taken it sooner!!!  I learned so much about the business aspect and marketing and felt so inspired by our group discussion." ~Adult Female Business Owner

"I am very thankful that you chose to follow your gifts in this world, and it's inspiring me to figure out how to be more "tenacious" in doing the same. Much gratitude to you." - Adult Female

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Brooke's article is featured in this Mother's Publication & gained a lot of buzz. 

MCCNJ Winter 2013 Newsletter

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