Our Story

Brooke Campbell believes in the power of creative expression.  She has seen it work from her experience with professionals, creative-types, children with Autism, elderly, individuals with sexual abuse histories, children exposed to domestic violence, cancer patients, adults struggling with a mental illness, adults suffering from addiction, teens who are at-risk, families, adults with multiple sclerosis, and children with disabilities. 

Brooke's work using Drama Therapy is rooted in the practice of integrating a variety of role-types into our lives in order to adapt and thrive. 

Brooke noticed that when she applied these techniques and practices to her own life, positive shifts occured for her personally and professionally.  It wasn't until she added "mother" to her role-repertoire that she felt motivated to take her skills and training to the next level by opening Creative Kinections, LLC.  

She took a leap of faith leaving a stable full-time supervisory position to start her own business in order to have a flexible schedule and do work she is passionate about.

As a mother, Brooke noticed how the application of dramatic play and creative arts techniques encouraged her daughter's development with language, emotional intelligence, and social skills.  Brooke has made it her life's work to help bring positive change to the lives of others.  

As Einstein stated: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."