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2019 Winter and Spring Drama Therapy Courses
Approved by the North American Drama Therapy Association

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Creative Arts Therapy Course: Covers Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance Movement, Sand Tray, and Music Therapy within various settings used with individuals, families, and groups.

Months of Class:
March, April, May, June, and July, and August 2019

Time: Sundays from 11:00am - 6:00pm
Dates: March 3rd, April 7th, May 19th, June 9th, July 21st and August 4th

This class will bring in various creative arts therapists such as an art therapist, a dance / movement therapist, a sand play therapist, and a music therapist to provide both theory and experiential practice for each student to gain a deep understanding of each modality.

Class will include a reflections paper for each modality and full attendance is required to complete the course and receive the certificate.

Payment Plan: includes 6 payments of $350 over the period of six months.

Space is limited. There are only a few spots left.

Registration Fee reserves your space and goes towards payment for the various presenters.

Class is approved by the North American Drama Therapy Association and all participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Creative Arts Therapy Course Dates
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The Power of Boys Group

Boys today are finding it more difficult to feel a sense of connection with their peers, create lasting friendships, and strenthen their identity as boys in a society which feeds them a limited range of acceptabe emotions to feel and a limited amount of acceptable activities and hobbies to be interested in. Boys today are spending more time online playing video games such as FortNite than socializing in real time with their peers. This leaves boys feeling depressed, angry, disconnected, and alone.

Our boys group will focus on building social skills and will be a place for boys to express themselves, using creative and fun approaches. Boys will work together to build, create, and innovate in our 6 week group series.

Contact us to be on the list for the next group.

Group fee: $350

The Hero Within Girls Group

Girls are inundated with messages to look a certian way, behave a certain way, and to not express feelings such as anger.

Girls struggle at times with forming their true identities, feeling confident with themselves, and navigating through conflicts with peers.

Girls will connect with each other while using fun and creative appraches to access their hero within.

Contact us to be on the list for the next group.

Group fee: $350

Women’s Creative Leadership Series

Women today have struggle with taking up space in the world, although they have numerous talents, skill sets, and strengths. Women have true leadership abilities to make a strong and positive impact in their corners of the world and within their communities.

Through creative expression, this series will focus on harnessing our own voice and story to create a piece to share with one another and our friends and family.

Women can create paintings, songs, dances, a self-revelatory performance piece, or poem to show her leadership abilities through creative expression.

Contact us to be on the list for the next group.

Teletherapy Sessions

Individual Sessions provided on Skype or by Phone

Brooke works with individuals who cancommit to 3 months to at least one year or more.

For Adults & Teens $100 (60 minutes)


Individual Face to Face Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

Brooke works with individualswho cancommit to 3 months to at least one year or more.

$ 150 (50 minutes)

90 minute face to face session

Parent and Child Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

$150 (50 minutes)


Creative Art Therapy Couples Sessions and Family Sessions

$150 (50 minutes)


Informational and Inspirational Talks and Workshops

* Profit from your Purpose

* Oak Tree Girls - Choosing to be Braveover Nice

* The Balance of Creativity and Business

* Creativity and Attunement in Parenting

* Women's Creative Expression and Spirituality

* The Power of Girls

To book one of these topics for your event or organization, email Brooke at


Business / Workplace Trainings

Our custom-tailored trainings and workshops will aid in leadership building, improving employee communication, enhancing innovative solutions to specific challenges, and will foster creativity which will promoteproductivity.

Fee varies based on location, needs, time frame, and number of attendees

Email or call for more information
(732) 953-6291