*Major insurance companies have reimbursed our clients 80-100% for cost of sessions. Contact us for more information.


VIP Full Day Intensive to Align With Your Goals Now

Get personalized attention to grow personally and/or professionally.


Includes: 6 hours of one-on-one attention to support you in aligning with your specific personal and / or professional goals and intentions. 


Professional Support: 

Build / grow your business 

Develop a clear business map 

Identify your revenue streams 

Authentic branding 

Positive Mindset for optimal and profitable results 

Proven and effective marketing strategies 

Mission and vision work 

Create your compelling marketing messaging 


Personal Support 

Develop the essential core principal of congruence within all areas of your personal life. 

Explore what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck in order to propel you forward toward reaching your fullest potential. 

Complete a Role Based Activity to learn what your essential GUIDE role is to integrate into your personal life to support your continual growth.

Utilize evidence-based creative arts therapy to tap into your unconscious to live a fully conscious, authentic, and successful life. 


Work with both Creative Kinections members Brooke Campbell and Andrew Rizkalla to align with your purpose-driven life professionally and /or personally. 



a concrete map of your goals and specific steps and proven strategies for how to get there. 

creative and tangible activities for you keep you moving forward toward playing a bigger game in our life. 

a healthy lunch 

clear and effective resources to step into your purpose-driven life with impact, authenticity, and presence. 

Get to where you want to be in your life now because your vision and mission are calling you and your purpose-driven life is waiting for you now. 

Stream-line your way to your goals.

Payment plan: 3 installments of $1,000

2 Installments of $1,500

Investment in fully in yourself: Full rate - $3,000



VIP Intensive Payment Plans

Full Investment $3,000.00 USD Two Installment Plan $1,500.00 USD Three Installment Plan $1,000.00 USD

VIP Intensive Payment Plans

Our rate including the number 3,000 reflects a creative process and brings the message that your ideals and visions are coming to fruition in your life. The number 3 is linked to harmony between body, mind, and spirit. 


Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

Individual Sessions provided on Skype or by Phone 

Brooke works with individuals who can commit to 3 months to at least one year or more.

For Adults & Teens $75 (60 minutes)


 Individual Face to Face Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

Brooke works with individuals who can commit to 3 months to at least one year or more. 

$ 120 (50 minutes)

Parent and Child Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

$150 (50 minutes)


Creative Art Therapy Couples Sessions and Family Sessions

$150 (50 minutes)


Informational and Inspirational Talks and Workshops

*Profit from your Purpose 

*The Balance of Creativity and Business

*Creativity and Attunement in Parenting

*Women's Creative Expression and Spirituality

*The Power of Girls

To book one of these topics for your event or organization, email Brooke here:


 Business / Workplace Trainings 

Our custom-tailored trainings and workshops will aid in leadership building, improving employee communication, enhancing innovative solutions to specific challenges, and will foster creativity which will promote productivity. 

Fee varies based on location, needs, time frame, and number of attendees 

Email or call for more information 

(732) 953-6291